Enabling P2P issuance, clearing and settlement

We connect buyers and sellers directly to streamline the entire OTC sales process and get rid of that restrictive legacy tech stack
P2P settlement and clearing for fund managers and financial advisors in Ireland

Our mission is to get rid of legacy systems and streamline clearing


The current process of clearing trades is slow and inefficient, with many incompatible systems being used to manage certain workflows.

Reduce legacy systems in the capital markets by enabling P2P clearing


By connecting directly to your counterparties, you can cut out the middlemen, and work to turn off the legacy systems that on average take up 80% of IT budgets in capital markets.

DLT solutions for capital markets to reduce legacy systems and remove clearing services

Direct line between buyers and sellers


Buy directly from product issuers by leaving the DLT do the heavy lifting for clearing and settlement. Take it a step further by requesting products off issuers to have it filled within seconds.


Streamline the entire sales process through instant notifications of product requests from your clients. Issue directly to the DLT as an open order or directly notify the requester.

Global Data Consistency

Reduce the need for reconciliations by having a single source of truth for all internal systems and for your counterparty's systems.

Give restricted access to regulators, auditors and clients to their part of the DLT to cut out differing reporting workflows.

One step closer to getting rid of those legacy systems.

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