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CRM reporting and portfolio solutions for DLT capital markets in banking, brokers and wealth management

CRM & Client Portal

CRM and client portal solution for client onboarding and communication


Onboard clients in a streamlined process to store and analyse large volumes of data for legal documentation or information gathering such as fact-finding.


Manage client outreach with a multichannel platform to keep track of client requests, tickets, billing and time slot booking. Create client communication reports for regulators in a click

Investment Tracking

Let your clients track their capital in one central location, even if there is multiple DLT and non-DLT sources being used. Our bridging service makes this possible.

Upcoming Solutions


Connect all DLT and non-DLT trade repositories into one central location to unify data across systems and regions. Book trades and access the DLT with the power of Portfolio.


Simple low-code interface to create hyper-personal reports for clients, regulators and team members. Extend functionality with managed containers and API access to the DLT and other Basevault Solutions.

JIT Workflows

Limit the amount of work to be done during EOD with just-in-time processing of trades. Create detailed workflows and triggers to manage every aspect of the trade lifecycle in seconds.

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